JET’s Animal Services is operated by a Board of Directors. We primarily do TNR services for Clinton County Indiana.  However, we are open to helping any cat in need. 
We operate totally on donations from generous individuals and companies.

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Live-traps will be set to humanely capture feral/community* cats. These will be monitored by the homeowner or TNR Tech.



The cat's ear will be tipped to indicate it has been fixed.



Trapped Male cats will be neutered and trapped female cats will be spayed at little or no cost to the homeowner, depending on the funds available in the organization.



Cats will be given a rabies vaccination after surgery.



After the cats are fixed, they will be returned to their original colony.

*Community cats are those who  are the unowned stray  or feral (unsocialized) cats who live outdoors in our neighborhoods without a particular home or owner.




Trap, Neuter, Release


JET's Animal Services offers TNR services to the Clinton County, Indiana. Trap, Neuter, Release is a program where feral/free roaming cats are trapped (a live trap is baited and monitored by either the home owner and/or the TNR tech); spayed/neutered (JET’s is working with other agencies who are providing low-cost spays/neuters); and released (returned to the outdoor locations where they were found. If those locations are deemed unsafe or otherwise inappropriate, the cats may be relocated.) The cats who have been through the program will be marked by a tipped ear.

Nearly every community in the U.S. has feral/community cats. These cats present issues from the minor annoyance of their occasional howls at night to the major concerns of property destruction and diseases that can spread to their domestic counter-parts. Feral/community cats also have a negative impact on the aviary population, which can present its own set of problems (increase of bugs, etc.)

The costs associated with a feral cat problem can become quite burdensome to a community. The repair of damages to homeowners’ property, increased animal control, and the housing of unwanted cats at the shelter can be expensive. Unaltered cats will continue to breed causing those costs to continually rise.

JET’s is working with community members and local government to get control of the ever-increasing population of feral/free roaming cats. Getting and keeping control of the number of these cats will benefit everyone - the community, local government, but most importantly, the cats.

To better understand the TNR program, visit the ASPCA: A Closer Look at Community Cats

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JET's Animal Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

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We are a proud to be a member and partner with the Bissell Pet Foundation.



We are also proud to partner with to help spay and neuter feral and community cats.


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